How to Create Your Own Magazine

how to create your own magazine

There are a number of ways to learn how to create your own magazine and the internet is an excellent resource. In this post we will introduce you to the new world of self publishing, how to create a digital magazine, explain the difference between a digital magazine and blog and provide you with some ideas if you are wondering about how to create a magazine yourself.

With the number of magazine makers available, creating content and publishing online for profit is one of the fastest growing industries in online business. There are  numerous online magazines that are launched every day covering every possible topic even in the most niche or obscure sectors. Usually there are two ways into magazine publishing; businesses or publishers either have existing print magazines and they want to reach a wider audience by offering their publications online or a small business or individual has decided to start up their own publication. Information sharing is one of the common motivators to creating magazines, but publishers must demonstrate commitment over the long term so that they can fulfil their content schedules and deliver multiple issues of the magazine throughout the year.

How to create your own magazine – moving away from print

To use an online document is very similar to a print publication but it is created and published online. The publications include a combination of news, facts, company information, photo content, opinions, feature articles, product or service reviews, interviews, case studies and letters from readers.

Many people question whether there is a difference between a blog and a digital magazine. The gap between them is certainly narrowing with blog websites now featuring a number of similar features that a magazine does. Many of the larger blogs now closely resemble a magazine with multiple contributors, in depth long form feature articles and advanced functionality.

High popularity of Online Magazine Editor

There are a number of reasons why the online publishing industry is flourishing;

It is now possible for anyone who has specialist knowledge in a particular niche to make money online by sharing their knowledge. You just need to know what information you desire to share with the public.

There are a number of affordable online magazine makers that can help you to make online publications quickly and easily without advanced technical knowledge. In fact, some editors do all the work for you – for free. So you just need to have a pdf file ready. Also magazine apps can be created with the help of some new electronic publication platforms.

Magazine owners can communicate directly with their target audience through these apps, their websites or social media to understand exactly what they want to read (depends on factors like age gender income level…). Business owners can then make content based around specific themes or ideas.

Start setting up an online magazine website

With the variety of digital publishing tools available, it is so easy to make an online magazine. If you have an existing website that is long established, it is easy to transform it into an online magazine and provide the functionality to make money through advertising, subscriptions or ecommerce. The most important feature of your website is that it needs to have a content management system which gives you full control over the content. Other functionality that you could include in the online magazine website could include;

Payment processing – For downloadable content, exclusive access, advertising, subscriptions and purchasing products or merchandise.

Forums, events calendar, polls and surveys.

Creating the website

When you have decided to design your own magazine website there are a number of things that you should do before you begin;

Choose your subject carefully

Research what competitors are doing and how they are presenting their online publications.

Choose a suitable domain name

Decide how your online magazines will generate revenue; through subscriptions, advertising, exclusive access to members or a combination of these.

Come up with a content strategy and schedule for your pages and develop a broad range of content such as long form articles, video content and tutorials.

If you want to learn how to create your own magazine or digital magazine app, it is important to do your research and ensure that you develop content that your readers want. Communicate with them on social media, find out about popular content and try to establish really insightful and quality articles and posts. Don’t forget about Search Engine Optimisation too. If you optimise each of your pages properly with the right keywords, you can rank highly for certain words and phrases. With an online publication, the possibilities are endless and you can keep adding content, enhancing the functionality and growing your audience.

What are you waiting for? Use digital publication platforms,  create a magazine, publish it and impress your readers!

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